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    物联网基础实验室建于2014年,占地120平方米,该实验室以无线传感器网络系统、射频识别系统及智能家居系统为核心设备构建融合有线IP网、宽带无线局域网、无线传感网络、射频识别系统、嵌入式设备以及系统软件和应用软件于一体的物联网综合信息网络实验平台,让学生通过实际操作感受物联网的概念,达到物联网系统的传感层、传输层与应用层等理论知识和设计技能的统一 ,并且具备在本专业领域跟踪新理论、新知识、新技术的能力以及较强的创新实践能力。

    Internet of Things Fundamental Lab  is 120 square meters, which has been built in 2014. This lab is mainly based on the wireless sensor network system, Radio frequency identification (RFID) system and Intelligent household for one integrated information network experiment platform of IoT, which also includes wired IP network,broadban wireless Local Area Network (LAN),Wireless Sensor Network(WSN),Radio frequency identification (RFID) system,embedded devices, and system software and application software. In order to help students to understand the concept of IoT with the real experiments, and to achieve the good effect of the theory with parctice. Moreover, students can obtain the strong ability of creative and practical ability.

    物联网基础实验室实验的内容,可以分为传感层、网络层、应用层三个层面进行设计,能开设实验课程主要有:传感器技术、 物联网通信技术、RFID原理及技术、无线传感器网络等。

    The experiment content of this lab can be divided into three layers design,sensing layer, network layer, application layer. The following experiment couses can be offered by this lab: Sensor technology, Communication technologies of IoT, Principle and technology of  RFID,Wireless Sensor Network, etc.